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My house has been a mess for years.  I have tried many many things to try and get it cleaned up. In the past the best thing I found was a version of the SHE system by Pam and Peggy. I used it and it did make a difference, but was not QUITE right for me. Right before Christmas I met a FABULOUS, BOSSY woman who goes by the nickname Flylady while  the computer.  She kicked me into high gear!!  Through her I learned about changing my cards into lists (which has always been best for me).  I am still fine tuning this, but have had SO MANY requests for my old chore list that I needed to get this up for you.  Now remember I am still new and alot of this and still working with my mentor, so things here are not written in stone and *GASP* I might have made a mistake or two.

If you would like to join the Flylady's mentoring group also, just email  FlyLadyMentors-subscribe@onelist.com

The two most important lists I have are my:

Now that your house is getting better, and believe me it will, just doing your morning and evening routines, it is time to read another important wisdom from my mentor Flylady From this I  created this message that I posted all over the house

After I got my morning and evening routines down she added in a few others:

Next we divided our house into Zones.  Currently she has everyone divided up using her Zones for simplicity sake. I will add the detail cleaning lists for these Zones as we get to them.. You work on Zones from one week to the next.  Week one and five are generally short weeks.  Zone 1 begins on the fist of the month and Zone 2 begins on Monday. So for instance in Jan Zone 1 was only 2 days long.  Don't worry about getting to everything, eventually you will!!
  Before you begin Zone cleaning, you need to declutter.  As the zone area come through the calendar work at decluttering in your zone cleaning area.  A simple way to get started and a quite painless way is to throw out 27 items and give away 27 items at a time.

Decluttering the easy way from the Flylady

"Take a garbage bag and go through the house and gather up 27 items to throw away. Do it now and do it as fast as you can.
Next take a box and gather up 27 item to give away. Box them up and take it to the car right now. Do not pass go and take it straight to the thrift shop tomorrow."
Items to purge.

Things you hate
broken stuff.
Just plain butt ugly items
A gift you dislike.
any thing that gives you a bad feeling when you see it.
piles that are causing guilt

Why 27 items? According to Fung Shui they say that to move multiples of 9 you create good CHI in your home.
Also I read 9 step to Financial Freedom my Suze Ormand. She recommend this method to get rid of clutter, one box at at time.

Order of importance:

1.  Daily routines come first
2. Then your weekly cleaning routine
3. Then you zone clean or declutter.

You have to do them in order for your home to keep looking great. Don't start to pull out stuff if the house is turned upside down. Put it together first, then clean in small areas. Pulling out and putting away as you go.

Well that is all for now.. I will add more as i learn more.  Remember, do the best you can and even if you dont get everything done, it is more than you did previously!!! Good luck.

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