Weekly checklist

By the end of the week see if you can be finished with this..try not to skip a job more than once!


1. Scrub floor
2. Wash area rugs
3. Clean out refrigerator
4. Replace foil on drip pans


1. Polish mirror
2. Empty trash
3. Mop floor
4. Change vacuum bag


1. Clean dresser tops
2. Sweep floor
3. Dust
4. Change sheets

 Living room/dining room/family room

1. Dust furniture
2. Vacuum carpet
3. Clean mirrors
4. Cull old magazines
5. Sweep porch
6. Straighten pantry


1. Clear desks
2. Sweep floor
3. Clear top of file cabinets
4. Empty trash

 Paperwork/misc. duties

1. Plan menu for next week
2. Write letter/cards
3. Clean out purse
4. Water plants
5. Polish shoes/mend clothes
6. Clean out cars
7. Straighten laundry room
8. Errands
a. Grocery
b. Library
c. Post office
d. Bills

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