Day to day routine



Weekly chores
 1. Laundry
 2. Weekly cleaning chores
 a. Cull old magazines
 b. Change sheets
 c. Empty all the trash
 d. Vacuum all rooms
 e. Mop kitchen and bath
 f. Clean mirrors
 g. Pledge dust furniture


Free day
1. Water plants & fertilize
 2. Two zone cleaning chores


Zone focus clean
 1. Focus cleaning chores
 2. Remainder weekly cleaning
 3. Make sure fridge is clean


Grocery day/errands
 1. Make menu plan next week
 2. Check grocery list
 3. Grocery day
 4. Errand day
 a. Library
 b. Post office
 c. Buy gifts/cards
 d. Buy gifts/candles
 e.  Pay bills


Paperwork/ misc.
 1. Be romantic today
 2. Freezer food next week
 3. Write letter/cards
 4. Clean out purse
 5. Polish/mend wardrobe
 6. Clean out car
 7. Clean laundry room
 8. Weigh and chart in journal

It's the weekend/ renew spirit

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