Daily Checklist

Checklists for daily chores; do them today or check to see if they need doing.
Set the timer for 10 min and do the rest as fast as possible. Stay focused


  1. Dishes /fill or empty dishwasher
  2. Scour sinks/polish faucets
  3. Wipe off dishwasher
  4. Wipe off microwave
  5. Wipe off stove
  6. Wipe off counters
  7. Wipe off chairs
  8. Wipe off table
  9. Sweep floor/damp mop
  10. Empty trash/ take out recyclables


  1. Clean sink
  2. Clean tub/spray with cleaner
  3. Clean toilet
  4. Polish faucets
  5. Shake area rugs


  1. Make bed
  2. Close closet door
  3. Feather dust
  4. Put away clothes

Living room /dining room

  1. Open mail
  2. Dispose of junk mail/flyers
  3. Feather dust

Garage / Basement

  1.  Put away one thing
  2.  Clean off top of dryer

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